Sustainable Water Management Plan approved.

The complete Sustainable Water Management Plan, the Executive Summary and supporting documents can be see here.

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Working Together to Share a Common Resource

At the January, 2019 Governing Board Meeting, Troup County and the LaGrange Chamber of Commerce share plans for a new facility on West Point Lake.

Water… It is one of society’s most basic needs, essential for our survival.  It is necessary for our environment, sustaining every living thing that calls our planet home.  It impacts our economy and plays a critical role in power production, agriculture and the many other industries that are water-dependent.  It defines communities along rivers and lakeshores, and it provides unparalleled recreational opportunities.  It is fundamental to our everyday existence, yet it is something we often take for granted.  But we cannot continue to do so.

For the past 29 years, the use of the waters of the ACF River Basin has been tied up in the courts.

Recognizing that litigation and politics have been unable to resolve the issues, a grassroots effort was launched by the individuals and groups most impacted by the situation – <em>the stakeholders themselves</em>.  Incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in September 2009, ACF Stakeholders, Inc. (ACFS) is a diverse group representing all sectors in all three states – working together for the first time to achieve a common goal.</strong>

ACFS’s mission is to achieve equitable water-sharing solutions among stakeholders that balance economic, ecological and social values, while ensuring sustainability for current and future generations.  After developing a strong organizational infrastructure and completing a forward-thinking strategic planning process, ACFS is now ready to move forward with the critical next steps, centered around developing a Sustainable Water Management Plan for the Basin.  Through scientific modeling and a shared vision process, ACFS will work to achieve a sustainable solution that works for everyone in the ACF Basin.

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