Project Overviews

Sustainable Water Management Plan Project

A river basin as large as the ACF requires hydrologic modeling tools and complex, data-driven analysis to determine how we can best meet the needs of the many different stakeholders. We need to determine how these areas of concern and other pieces of the puzzle relate to each other.

The goals of the Sustainable Water Management Plan are:

1. To provide detailed metrics on the water quantity and quality needs of the basin stakeholders. These will be used to test different options and explore trade-offs.

2. To offer one or more viable alternative water management scenarios, presented in a visually informative way that can be readily understood by non-technical stakeholders.  Hydrologic modeling will serve as the basis for the ACFS’s Shared Vision Planning.

3. To reach consensus on a forward-thinking basin-wide solution for ACF water allocation.


ACFS has raised $1.3 million toward our goal of $1.5 million. Black & Veatch were selected as the consulting firm to conduct the modeling required for the project and Atkins Global selected for an instream flow assessment and recommendation. B&V has delivered a water demands report documenting how the waters of the ACF Basin re currently being used. Atkins has delivered a document that is being reviewed by several agencies and experts. A current status reports is presented in each of the Governing Board meetings which can be obtained through this link. The semiannual report sent to our donors can be see here.

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Fund Raising Project

The goal is to raise adequate funding to conduct the Sustainable Water Management Plan Project, an Instream Flow Assessment investigation, facilitation resources and initial organizational development. To date $1.3 million has been donated by a variety of foundations and corporations to support funds from membership dues and member contributions. A Case Statement has been prepared and discussions continue with numerous grant organizations.


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