Governing Board Members

2014 ACF Stakeholders Governing Board members

* Executive Committee Members

Full Name GB Position Organization Sub-basin
Branch, Jeremy Local Government Riparian County Stakeholder Coalition Apalachicola
Brinkley, Craig Farm & Urban Agriculture Liberty County
(Riparian Stakeholders)
Hartsfield, Shannon Seafood Industry Franklin Co Seafood Workers Assoc Apalachicola
Garner, Lee Hydro Power Jim Woodruff Preference Customers Apalachicola
Hirt, Homer Navigation Florida Riparian Stakeholders Apalachicola
Ballister. Bruce Economic Development Individual Apalachicola
McCartney, William* Water Supply Conservation/Recreation Lands, LLC Apalachicola
McLain, Dave Water Quality Franklin County, Florida Apalachicola
McDaniel, Ward Industry & Manufacturing Neal Land & Timber Co. Apalachicola
McClellan, Charles At Large Gasden County Apalachicola
Taylor, Chadwick Historic & Cultural CCT & Associates, Inc. Apalachicola
Tonsmeire, Dan Environmental & Conservation Apalachicola Riverkeeper Apalachicola
Waits, Tom Recreation Lake Seminole Association Apalachicola
Webb, Betty* Local Government City of Apalachicola Apalachicola
Adams. James Lee At Large Individual Flint
Dixon, David Industry & Manufcturing MillerCoors, LLC. Flint
Falcione, Vince* Thermal Power Procter and Gamble Flint
Heath, John Water Quality Individual Flint
Hicks, Woody Other Jones Ecological Research Center Flint
Massey, Todd Farm & Urban Agriculture Flint
Cox, Casey At Large Flint
Davis, Jimmy Local Government City of Montezuma Flint
Rogers, S. Gordon Environmental & Conservation Flint Riverkeeper, Inc. Flint
Royal, Marilyn Economic Development Mitchell County Development Authority Flint
Singletary, Robin Recreation National Peanut Buying Points Assoc. Flint
Stripling, Charles* Historic & Cultural Stripling, Inc Flint
Poff, Jim Water Supply Clayton County Water Authority Flint
Thoms, Tim At Large Thoms Trees & Plants, Inc. Flint
Criddle, Mike Water Supply City of LaGrange Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Davis, Steve Water Quality Columbus Water Works Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Elmore, Greg Thermal Power Southern Nuclear Operating Co. Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Emery, James Local Government Troup County Board of Commissioners Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Estes, Page Economic Development LaGrange-Troup County CoC Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Houston, Billy Navigation Tri Rivers Development Association Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Martin, Roger Environmental & Conservation Chattahoochee Riverwarden Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Mayes, Billy Hydro Power City of Dothan Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Moore, Brad* Farm & Urban Agriculture Friends of Lake Eufaula Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Morse, Timothy Industry & Manufacturing Meadwestvaco Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Philips, Jim Historic & Cultural Individual Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Rutland, Carole Recreation RiverWay South Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Timmerberg, Dick At Large West Point Lake Coalition Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Turner, Billy* At Large Billy Turner Consulting Lower/Middle Chattahoochee
Bethea, Sally Environmental & Conservation Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Upper Chattahoochee
Peters, Ron At Large Gwinnett County Upper Chattahoochee
Currey, Bradley Historic and Cultural RockTenn – Metro NGWMD Upper Chattahoochee
Euston, Greg At Large Nature Conservancy of Georgia Upper Chattahoochee
Kirkpatrick, Katie Economic Development Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Upper Chattahoochee
Martin, George Thermal Power Georgia Power Company Upper Chattahoochee
McClatchey, James* Industry & Manufacturing Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Upper Chattahoochee
McMahon, George Other ARCADIS-US, Inc. Upper Chattahoochee
Page, Glenn Water Supply Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority Upper Chattahoochee
Perkins, Tim Farm & Urban Agriculture Forsyth County Water & Sewer Upper Chattahoochee
Rooks, Wilton* Recreation Lake Lanier Association Upper Chattahoochee
Russell, Jerri Water Quality City of Atlanta Upper Chattahoochee
Zitsch, Katherine Local Government Atlanta Regional Commission Upper Chattahoochee
Taylor, Jr., George Hydro Power Oglethorpe Power Corporation Upper Chattahoochee

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