Stakeholder Spotlight

Billy Turner, Lower Middle Chattahoochee

Billy Turner is the Treasurer of the ACFS and an at-large Governing Board Member from the Lower Middle Chattahoochee sub basin.  Billy has over 50 years of experience in: water resource planning, supply development, and wastewater treatment.  Twenty of those years were spent as the President of Columbus Water Works serving 60,000 citizens and overseeing 200 employees.  After retiring from Columbus Water Works, Billy started a consulting business sharing his knowledge with other utility professionals.

You might wonder how Billy has time for the ACFS or why he chooses to be such an active member of the ACFS Executive Committee and Governing Board.  When asked about this Billy said, “I think it might be in my blood.  I’ve been dealing with the Chattahoochee River related issues since 1971 except for 3 years (86-89 in Spartanburg)  first as a consultant (71-86) and then as a utility manager (89-09).  Now that I’m retired I would like to think I could play a role in a solution, but time is getting shorter for both me and the legal process.  If it stays in the Courts it is almost certain that the solution will be decided by an appointed, independent party who has less detailed knowledge and less concern about OUR water than those of us who live here and depend on the rivers for our way and quality of life.”  Billy is passionate about finding a solution but realistic about the challenges.  He believes finding a consensus based water management decision is the biggest challenge facing the ACFS and he his happy to bring his knowledge, passion, and years of experience to meet the challenge.

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