The Sustainable Water Management Plan developed over a 6 year period is now available. With thousands of volunteer and technical professional hours, the SWMP represents the first water management plan for the entire ACF Basin.

Final release of the completed SWMP

Click here for the Executive Summary.

Click here for the Press Release.

ACFS Performance Metrics Memo

ACFS Performance Metrics Table

Water Management Alternatives Memo

The work performed by the University Collaborative (TUC) is an integral part of the Sustainable Water Management Plan. These documents provide the history of their work and recommendations:

TUC Phase 1 Report – Final Version – Identification and Evaluation of Institutional Models

TUC Phase 2 Report – Final Version – Institutional Options Study

TUC Phase 3 Report – Final Version – ACF Water Management GAP Analysis

TUC Phase 4 Report – Final Version – Options for Transboundary Governance





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