Below are three recorded webinar sessions on four different modeling programs with Hydrologic Modeling experts presented to the ACF Stakeholders Data-Needs-Sustainability Work Group. Click on the session name and any necessary software will be downloaded to your computer if you do not already have it installed.

OASIS and Stella modeling webinar recording – 1 hr 53 min

OASIS is a model developed and presented by Hydrologics, Inc of Maryland

Stella is a model resource presented by Steve Leitman

HEC ResSim modeling webinar recording – 1 hr 8 min

HEC ResSim is the model used by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Presented by George McMahon, Ph. D. of ARCADIS-US, Inc.

Georgia Water Resource Institute modeling webinar recording – 1 hr 6 min

The model developed by Georgia Water Resource Institute at Georgia Tech. Presented by Aris Georgakakos, Ph.D.

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